Sunday, February 17, 2008

Daily Post (from Sat.)

I didn't post anything Saturday but this is probably what it would have been (keep in mind I was at the bars all night).

ZOMgGGG I'm asoooooo drunnka. iM pushing sthsese buttons on mah keybarod and you are reading it AGAIN lawl.

Daily Post (from Fri.)

I didn't post anything Friday but this is probably what it would have been (keep in mind I was at the bars all night).

ZOMgGGG I'm asoooooo drunnka. iM pushing sthsese buttons on mah keybarod and you are reading it lawl.

Daily Post

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

V for Vengeful

I'm wallowing in my loneliness in that dark and empty well that you are yelling into, now leave me alone!

Monday, February 11, 2008

What moves me?

Many things "move" or keep me going. Some of which are the following:



As lame as it sounds, nothing gets me out of a rut more than listening to my favorite music artists. Unlike friends or other people you depend on, it is 100% dependable and will never refuse to help you through the tough times. Unless of course the CD skips in which case it's turned into one of my most hated things.


My family has been there for me a lot but my little bro has probably helped me out the most. It helps to watch him play or hear him talk all without a care in the world. Makes you realize the important things through some of the things he does. I'm kind of being vague at the moment, maybe I'll go into detail later. I think he's flicking me off in this picture, tough love huh?


Beauty comes in all forms right? It's hard to show the inner kind though so I went with the skin deep (I don't think any of the guys will complain though). The above women I am pretty much in love with. Not only are they amazingly HAWT but they exhibit a confidence that I find equally attractive. They keep their lives private and don't seem to starve for attention, 'nuff said.



There are many more things that move me or keep me going, perhaps I'll expand on this later.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Video Feedback

I already knew I liked Robot Chicken so nothing came to me as a surprise. I've actually seen the episode we watched - funny stuff.

I watch PBS a lot, usually around 3 a.m. before I go to sleep (I have no cable). I've never seen the program we watched and I did enjoy seeing the artist's pieces but some of them came off too artsy-fartsy for me.

I didn't really care for the last video. It didn't seem to have a story and the lack of dialogue/narration drove me crazy. I guess it's meant to be ambiguous for people to put their own meaning to it but that's bullshit in my opinion. The CG animation was pretty good and it showed off some neat visual effects. My input - hire a writer.

What If... (made reality)

I took my "What If..." from Garin Grist's "What if a zombie outbreak really did happen."

I'm not going to lie...I almost anticipate a zombie outbreak to happen sometime before I pass on to the next life. Whether it's brought on by some space comet that magically brings the dead back to life. Or maybe a viral infection that causes a thirst for blood. Or maybe god just wants to fuck with us and see who wins in a fight. In the back of my head, I have prepared myself to go this way - I'll meet my maker with a sizeable chunk missing from my jugular (but not before chowing down on a few unfortunate bystanders first).

After watching several zombie movies you can't help but think "What would I do in the same situation?". I think that's what makes zombie flicks so great. They don't even have to be of Romero quality for you to think about how exhilirating (scary) it would be to have a zombie army rampaging through your town while being stranded with only a can of cheez wiz, a lighter, and your smarts (or lack there of).

I would like to think that I would pass a zombie attack and live to tell about it. I would like to think that I would do exactly the opposite of what everyone does in the movies when a zombie "situation" happens:
  • Lets go see what that crunching noise is in that ominously dark room. - No thanks.
  • Hey lets pretend we're zombies, that could fool them! - Zombies aren't that dum.
  • These soldiers with the guns can't help us, lets split off! - Um, I'm fine sticking with the guys carrying the boom sticks.
  • OH $&%#!!! I left Dinkus my pet turtle at home...across town, we have to go back!. - I'll buy you a new Dinkus.
Of course the outcomes of these situations can be easily averted. But what if cutie-pie stupid face (you know, that one person out of the whole group who's too stupid too realize the gravity of the situation and usually ends up being a girl that has nice assests but lacks the brain cells) just couldn't help nab a free Gucci handbag from the recently ransacked fashion mall. Well she got a free $4,000 purse but little did she know ted the undead was giving away free bites with every bag. She somehow escaped but now has a non fatal bite least not yet.

  • Tell her you're going to meet up at one place but go somewhere else then gtfo (get the fuck out).
  • Tell her that tomorrow is national sleep in day, recognized by humans and zombies alike, so you wont be getting up early to continue your journey to safety, then gtfo early morning.
  • Tell her that it's just a flesh wound and there's nothing to worry about then gtfo right in front of her.
I know I know. She has looks that rival Jennifer Connelly and you had this crazy idea that you would get married, have a black labrador named Rosco, three lovely children, and live in a house just off the coast of Maine with the sounds of the surf beating against the rocks and the smell of the salty air to greet you every morning. But things are looking grim when she starts to see you as a meal in about...oh a couple hours or so.

So what I'm trying to say in short is that one must do anything in order to survive a zombie attack, even put a bullet in your best friends head in order to stem an outbreak within your survival party (or create some sort of collar and keep him/her as a zombie pet - not recommended).

Guild leader is bugging me to come raid Stormwind and I still need to buy some consumables for the vicious battles ahead so I'll leave you with the above.